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Eleanor and Park

OH MY GOD I HATED THIS BOOK. It's terrible, every chapter Eleanor is in tears, same premise. Every. Single. Chapter. And I'm not Asian, so I can't exactly say this properly, but some parts in the book made me feel a bit uncomfortable reading, since some lines are pretty much fetishising asian people. 0/10.

Goodnight Punpun

''Aiko, I was thinking about our life from here on out. We probably can't have a cushy life...but we can probably manage one that's nice enough. When I wake up to go to my night shift, you'll be getting home from work. You'll complain a bit about your coworkers, like you always do. I'll get irritated, but I'll figure if it makes you better, I can put up with it. We'll live like ships passing each other, and there'll be no way we'll be able to save any money, and if either one of us has an accident, we'll be in serious trouble. I'll be exhausted and become even more useless...until eventually you'll fall in love with someone a bit taller and a little bit more cheerful than me and leave. Wait, that isn't fun at all. Let's start over. Aiko...I was thinking. What do I want to do? What to I want to happen to me? Aiko...I...I wanted you to kill me.''

Brilliant. Disturbing. Amazing. Wouldn't reccomend. 10/10

Professor Layton and the pandoras box

BRILLIANT!!! Just finished it, itt was AWESOME. i felt bad for the grandpa though. the story is amazing, definitely worth playing!!!! 10/10

Choujin X

BOOORRRIINNGGG!!!! the art is great, the characters.....the plot.......SHITE!! 2/10 bc the art is nice

Tokyo Revengers

crap characters? shit plot? time travelling simp? it's all here people- 0/10

Invader Zim - Gir